Amy "Hammer Titty" Kennedy joins hosts @GreenberryLucas and @KerstinPorter to talk crushing her wrestling opponents and her longtime (over 20 years y’all) crush with her Big O Boobies AKA Tig Oh Bitties aka honkin hooters aka kockout knockers. 

Her Hammer Titties weighing in at 42 G's- Don't let the single titty title fool you; both girls are wild!

Amy is a small town bar manager and mother by day and Jello Wrestling champ by night. Her wrestling name is inspired by booby smashing pioneers (videos below). We talk about her jello wrestling moves and the moves she used to sweep her crush off his feet. Of course we had to know how the sex life of a couple that is 20+ years in the making is going - you'll have to tune in for those delicious details. 

Amy helps two callers Buck, who is dealing with body shame and shyness as he tries to work up the courage to get out of the friend zone and into the adult buddy zone. She also guides Ashley, who was curious about Jello Wrestling as an empowering sport to feel sexy , strong and possibly attract an adult buddy. 

The host of RISK!, Kevin Allison, openly talks about kink, BDSM and what play he’s done like fisting, blasphemy, and watersports. And of course, he uses hilarious stories to tell hosts @KerstinPorter and @GreenberryLucas about some of the crazy situations he’s been in, having needles put through his skin, and what the kink community is really like and how to join it like going to Kink Camp. (You can hear the full story about Kevin’s first trip to Kink Camp on RISK!, the podcast.)

Kevin also helps out caller, Lacy, with ways to successfully let her husband know she wants to get kinky in the bedroom.

Matthew Horn is a Fuck Boi... who is reforming.

An insatiable sexual appetite, emotionally unavailable, DTF; He's been there, he's been that and he's changing.

Matthew tells hosts @KerstinPorter and @GreenberryLucas about his days F*Cking around, what moments made him realize he was being hurtful and why he decided to work toward change.

Matthew also helps caller, Bianca who is possibly dating an FBoi's and helps guide her through the age old question, " Can I change him?"

We bust some myths about bisexuality and learn about how some people get lucky with threesomes and orgies. 

Cliff joins to share his journey from straight guy who picked up chicks at the bar to queer. Hosts, @KerstinPorter and @GreenberryLucas talk about what they think they know about bi-sexuality and learn that there is always more to learn. Cliff ends up confessing he's had multiple threesomes and orgies and made it seem very easy to get involved in those!

Our producers selected Belinda's question about being married and accepting she is bi-sexual, after marrying a man. She wrote to ask how to bring that up with her husband and Cliff's experience with bringing up his bi-sexuality in relationships. Although we didn't get to hear from her (She ghosted! and we had no back up. We are still working out the kinks!) we did read her written question and Cliff set her straight.. or bi rather.

Our callers are often fan favorites and we get messages asking "Where are they now?", " How are they now?", "WHO are they now?!"

We love how our listeners have been brave enough to ask their burning questions and join in the show. We're always amazed and proud of the bravery it takes  to bare yourself! And each caller becomes a fan favorite without fail. We worked hard to get every caller called back to get their updates and were amazed at how far ( and how much) they've come.. and cum!

These callers did not disappoint! Dale from Denver dropped us some juicy details on his happy ending (aka full service or release) hunts. Berry called our newly divorced guest who was talking about getting the V after the Big D and wanted to know about getting that V. Sounds like he quickly implemented the advice! Listen and learn about the lives of our callers. You'll get an ear full!

Incels and freaks were invited to join the live show and surprise hookups ensued!

Hosts, @KerstinPorter and @GreenberryLucas are joined in person by hosts #JessicaAnguiano and #JordanSiegel and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, they shared gratitude for all listeners and invited anyone who identified as incel (or going through a dry spell) and anyone who wanted to talk about the freaky things they are into to join the live video.

Although two sexually frustrated listeners never figured out the live video feature. Jillian, a freaky female foot fetishist joined the live and shared what gets her going: men's feet. Sexually frustrated viewer Gorion volunteered his tootsies and she did not decline!

As the night went on producer, Jordan showed her new and improved ass and former guest of the number one "butt stuff" episode, Cameron was on the live and rated her rump a 10 out of 10. Jordan and Cameron plan to have a date before the new year! Technical difficulties could not stop the buddy finders from finding adult buddies!   

Looking to get laid after a divorce? Some marriages are sex free and dating changes with each passing day let alone years! Getting out there and getting it on with new people isn't easy.  This show we learn about getting "d" after the "big d"

Liz McIrvin is a director, photographer and comedian. Liz was married before she turned 20 and after years of realizing her partner was not the one she would be with forever, they divorced. She gives hosts, @KerstinPorter and @GreenberryLucas a guide to getting "the d" after the "big d". She also answers caller Barry’s big d question- How to get back out there when you were in a sexless marriage and after the divorce and have a long dry spell.

The story has a happy ending as Liz talks us through her present day love life that is full of communication and lots of lovin!

Keeley Shoup is a Cuddle Therapist who specializes in non-sexual, platonic, physical intimacy and affection like hugging, spooning, holding, nuzzling, cradling, and cuddling. She chats with hosts @KerstinPorter and @GreenberryLucas about cuddle parties and how they aren’t some sweaty orgy, but a supportive and kind event to connect with other adults. Keeley also talks about how a cuddle session isn’t just for the lonely and asexual, but for everyone. She goes on to teach Greenberry, Kerstin, and listeners how to ask for consent, not just for cuddling but for sex and other physical touch, and she makes it sexy!

Keeley also helps out a caller, Fiona, who wants her friend to be more than just a friend. She wants him to be a cuddle buddy while still keeping their relationship platonic but creating space for cuddle sessions.

Melanie LaForce is in an open marriage.

When she's not busy writing, telling jokes and being a DR ( which we never really talk about). She gives hosts, @WhoKerstin and @GreenberryLucas the inside scoop of what goes on in her bedroom and in the bedrooms she goes into with full consent of her husband. Her marriage is open and she is open to talking about it! Dr.LaForce also answers a listener's question about if her friend is trying to add her to his open marriage mix.

Cameron enjoys butt stuff, anal sex, tossing salad, spanking… Basically he likes booties. From a young age he knew he was an ass man aka he was attracted to all women’s butts. He shares his stories with hosts @KerstinPorter and @GreenberryLucas about playing around to find out what being an ass man really meant to him and to his partners. He also discovered he enjoys being submissive but he tends to be a Pleasure Dom who enjoys vocal feedback. Kerstin and Greenberry learn a lot and find themselves giving him vocal feedback, but not in the moaning form.

Cameron also helps out a young adult caller, Gary, with how to attract women.

Queen Freya will have you bending the knee!

Queen Freya dominated the ABF hosts and had them enthralled by her subjects. She taught Greenberry and Kirsten about cages for male genitals, men who love to pay you to clean your home, and men who just love to pay you!

When Hank called in, he worried if his fetish to go from Chef Boyardee to Chef BoyarME was too weird (it involves dough, and a hot car!). Freya shamelessly shared how normal and achievable his objectification fetish is and gave him tips on how to bring his wife into his clever playful world!