Same Adult Buddy Finders, new buddy search. This time it's all about THAT kind of buddy. Two adults talking to sexperts learning what to do to get the adult buddy our listeners seek.

Lauren is a comedian, actor and writer who explored sex and relationships after reading “The Ethical Slut” and getting divorced. She takes hosts, @KerstinPorter and @GreenberryLucas on her journey into polyamory. She is very new, still learning and not in a relationship so she is what is known as, "Baby Solo Poly". Lauren takes a call from a shy Sara who is seeking to connect with fellow polyamorous people. Lauren shares poly friendly websites, dating apps and terminology like #ENM.

Rachel Music describes BDSM to naïve hosts, Greenberry Lucas and Kerstin Porter. She reveals code words, what a sub/dom session entails and how to find a dominatrix whether you're a submissive, switch, or just curious. (It’s a lot more versatile than spanking, bondage and sex.)

Rachel is no longer dominating, at least not sexually. She is dominating narrating erotic alien novels (search her name on Audible for her narrations), producing, writing, and being a multidisciplinary artist.

A unicorn is a person who is willing to join an existing couple. Unicorns are rare, mythical, and hard-to-find creatures. Natasha is also a unique comedian and professional talent recruiter.

She helps Kerstin Porter and Greenberry Lucas understand what a unicorn is and how to find and keep one happy once you've found your unicorn. Natasha also talks to, "Mix It Up Mike" who wanted to ensure his identity was disguised but question his was direct (not as direct as his wife pegging him while he watches his favorite program).

Samantha Jane is a comedian and a weed expert but on this show, she tells us all about OnlyFans. Sam shares with hosts, Greenberry Lucas and Kerstin Porter, what it’s like to be a sexy adult model, content creator, and freelancer on the social media site, OnlyFans. She talks about how she loves having the control over her own sexual content and how much naked skin she shows in pics and videos. Sam also talks with caller, Dan the OnlyFans fan, about how to impress an OnlyFans model and what type of a relationship you can have with a model.

Currently Lin leaves folks happy with her stand-up but on this show, she takes us to her massage days. She gives hosts, Kerstin Porter and Greenberry Lucas massage envy and shares code words to find your own happiness and even how to maybe spot a cop. Lin also answers listeners' most asked questions and helps sort out caller Dale’s dilemma, although we are still not sure if Dale is in fact a cop.