What sex do you want and how do you ask for it? Rachel Wright, psychotherapist, helps us navigate how to ask for a one night stand or kinky sex or a monogamous relationship or sushi for lunch. She gives hosts @GreenberryLucas and @KerstinPorter amazing advice including a 4 step framework (AEO) for asking for what you want and how to know what you want. It’s no wonder she has great advice. She is a distinguished psychotherapist and renowned speaker with expertise in modern relationships, mental health, and sex.

She also helps our caller, Manny, figure out how to get laid. He also gets some great dating profile advice.

Hannah shares how she went from BDSM to bare soul in the bedroom with hosts Kerstin Porter and Greenberry Lucas. Although she learned from a young age that BDSM was the way she wanted to rock the bedroom, she met someone who was not comfortable playing that way. She had to decide if BDSM or this new man would be the true LOML ( Love Of My Life). Years later the couple is going stong and she talks to ABF about the journey.

Diane called in and shared she is ready to give up the BDSM lifestyle and wanted to know if Hannah could help her navigate the turn with her current partner who she has had a BDSM relationship with. Hannah gave fun tips and trick that you can use if you are or aren't interested in trying BDSM yourself.

Swingers are couples that have sex with other couples, right? Well, like everything with our sexual desires, it’s not so hard and fast ;) Suzie Wong talks about how the Lifestyle (LS) includes wife swapping, unicorns, half unicorns, single men, orgies, and much more. Her stories about how her swinging lifestyle make hosts Kerstin Porter and Greenberry Lucas question most of what they thought they knew about swingers. They also learn an amazing new word, COMPERSION, which means to wholeheartedly participate in the happiness of others. It’s the opposite of jealousy and what couples experience in the swinger community. 

Suzie also helps our caller, Becky, figure out how she can be a swinger with her husband, but without having to do any girl on girl action. 

Hollywood Escort, Grace Grable allows hosts @GreenberryLucas and @KerstinPorter to dig in as she dishes out the down and dirty deets of sex in the LA city.

Grace has been in LA's finest hotels and met men from all walks of life. She specializes in the GFE (girlfriend experience) and talks about other specialties an escort can offer including PSE which is the Porn Star Experience. We even get into the details of squirting! She also answered the question we've wanted the answer to since seeing Pretty Woman: do sex workers kiss on the lips?-  Tune in to find out!

Grace helps caller Minnie, who has a new boyfriend that shared his past experience with a call girl. Minnie lets us know her insecurities and asks Grace if there is a way to know if her boyfriend will always be looking for a sex pro in the bedroom.

The ethical dominatrix and host of Kink Friendly, Mistress Alisa, shares her secrets on whipping people into shape through their hearts and souls so that everyone can have kinky, sexy fun in the bedroom. Mistress Alisa dominates @KerstinPorter and @GreenberryLucas to help them understand how female-led relationships work and can be very pleasing. And even though men (and women) might be horny, what they really want is to be seen and heard. The best way to touch someone is to touch their heart and soul then you can touch their dicks or boobs or whatever body part you’re into and then you can achieve great pleasure.

Alisa also talks with our caller, Andy, about ways to be satisfied in the bedroom no matter what stage you’re at in your relationship. And it’s not just playing out a fantasy or showing off tits.

Amy "Hammer Titty" Kennedy joins hosts @GreenberryLucas and @KerstinPorter to talk crushing her wrestling opponents and her longtime (over 20 years y’all) crush with her Big O Boobies AKA Tig Oh Bitties aka honkin hooters aka kockout knockers. 

Her Hammer Titties weighing in at 42 G's- Don't let the single titty title fool you; both girls are wild!

Amy is a small town bar manager and mother by day and Jello Wrestling champ by night. Her wrestling name is inspired by booby smashing pioneers (videos below). We talk about her jello wrestling moves and the moves she used to sweep her crush off his feet. Of course we had to know how the sex life of a couple that is 20+ years in the making is going - you'll have to tune in for those delicious details. 

Amy helps two callers Buck, who is dealing with body shame and shyness as he tries to work up the courage to get out of the friend zone and into the adult buddy zone. She also guides Ashley, who was curious about Jello Wrestling as an empowering sport to feel sexy , strong and possibly attract an adult buddy. 

The host of RISK!, Kevin Allison, openly talks about kink, BDSM and what play he’s done like fisting, blasphemy, and watersports. And of course, he uses hilarious stories to tell hosts @KerstinPorter and @GreenberryLucas about some of the crazy situations he’s been in, having needles put through his skin, and what the kink community is really like and how to join it like going to Kink Camp. (You can hear the full story about Kevin’s first trip to Kink Camp on RISK!, the podcast.)

Kevin also helps out caller, Lacy, with ways to successfully let her husband know she wants to get kinky in the bedroom.